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Latest On Coronavirus COVID-19

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

Firstly, let me say this, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this virus.

Secondly, as a follow up to our meeting on Sunday our Bellevue campus will be closed until further notice. Our virtual church will be streamed from our Kent campus.

But, for those who are inclined to attend in-person service, our kent campus is opened for the recording of our virtual church. In an effort to reduce the community spreading of this virus, and to take precautions in order to make our church a safe place of worship, our church leadership has decided to take the following steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We believe as a church, information is important and we want you to be conscious that your health and safety is important to us as we continue to find a balance between safety and meeting your spiritual needs in worship.

This situation may continue well into May, affecting Easter. We are already planning for Easter service to happen online if necessary. New guests may not risk attending a new church during this time. So, we have to come up with creative ways to do outreach with the help of the Holy Spirit over this season. So, note the following:

Stay home if you feel sick and call your doctor Avoid close contact in large gatherings Wash your hands often with soap and warm water, or use an alcohol-based gel. Avoid touching face, eyes, nose and mouth etc. Avoid crowds, especially in poorly ventilated spaces. Your risk increases in such places

In addition...

1. We are implementing an online prayer for our local community, anyone that needs prayer can reach out to usWe also want to serve the most vulnerable in our community, so, we’re serving anyone with immediate needs, they may reach out and we will see how we can accommodate them. Please serve, volunteer for this, you can also donate towards this effort. Don’t worry, we will try to be safe and not put anyone at risk.

For example

a) Send someone an encouraging word or an inspiring book

b) Run errands or shopping for the disabled or more venerable people

c) Teach someone how to shop online

2. Before and during our streamed services we will continue to disinfect and clean our Kent campus sanctuary and things that are frequently touched, like doorknobs etc. and also make available hand sensitizers for public use

3. We will not encourage our usual meet and greet style (hugs and hand shakes) and will limit it to verbal greeting to avoid people from coming into too much close contact

4. We will change our usual tithes and offering style to one that doesn’t require contact and encourage people to give online

5. We will also re-arranged our sanctuary seating to avoid people from coming into close contact with each other

6. We will be checking body temperature using thermometer upon arrival at our sanctuary.

7. We have invested into Live streaming technologies to make our services available to many who are going to be home anyway

8. Bible studies will now be done online via Zoom until further notice

Please refer to the CDC website for more information.

It is our prayer that this situation will soon be over. I know the Lord got this. He is holding our church in His hands and even though this is scary, He is still the Prince of Peace.

May grace continue to abound towards you.

Dr. Olu

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