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This session focuses on core elements to your Christian walk and avenues for you to connect through volunteering at The House of Praise.

The Foundations class offers a clear overview of the beliefs, theology, culture, expectations, and church vision of The House of Praise.  This class serves as a pre-requisite and introduction to membership and volunteer involvement at The House of Praise. The focus here is to bring an understanding, but relevant, perspective on our cornerstone beliefs for building strong members and volunteers.  This class is intended for those who seek membership or to become more involved in ministry at The House of Praise in any capacity.​
Upon completion of this six-week course, class members will be classified as "members", and released to volunteer in various areas of opportunity within The House of Praise.

Every class participant that successfully completes this course will be presented before the congregation and receive a certificate of completion. 

• Class - Membership​
• Class – Spirit filled life​
• Class – Christian Walk​
• Class – After Life
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